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Leather or Upholstery Seat Treatment and Steam Clean


Book as a stand alone service or an add-on.

Over the years, car seats accumulate significant amounts of dirt, food, odours and stains.


A chemical-free treatment is applied to fabric upholstered seats to assist with the lifting of stains, the seats are then high pressure steam cleaned and vacuumed to remove any build up of dirt, killing 99.9% of bacteria in fabric.

Allow 1-2 hours

$120 for 5 Seater Vehicle

Child Car Seat Treatment & Steam Clean

Car Seats are high pressure blown and vacuumed to remove dirt, food and sand from hard to reach pockets and spaces.  


A natural, chemical-free solution is applied to fabric to lift stains and spills. The entire seat is then steam cleaned with high temperatures - lifting dirt, killing germs and removing stains and odours.

Seats are dry and ready for immediate use.

Allow 30 - 1hr mins per seat

$80 per Child Seat

Heavy Dirt / Sand / Pet Hair Removal / Stain Removal

Have excess dirt build up, sand, pet hair or stains on seats?

Add on an extra 30 mins at time of booking.

$25 per 30 mins

Headlight Restoration

Have your dim, cloudy, yellow and scratched headlights restored so they look as good as new.


Allow extra 1hr to booking

$120 per set

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